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A Better Pension Plan

The ICPP is thoughtfully designed to be better than typical workplace retirement plans offered in the Canadian private sector.

  • Any Canadian employer can join
  • Delivers reliable lifetime retirement income
  • Simple, cost-effective and low risk for employers
  • Low fees mean bigger payouts

Finally, a pension plan that works for
employers and members.


Lower, more predictable costs compared to traditional pension arrangements.

Low Risk

Reduced fiduciary risks and no balance sheet obligations.


Completely outsourced governance and administrative services.


Collective, multi-employer framework that allows any Canadian employer to join.


Attract and retain talent and retire employees on schedule.

Bigger Payouts

Greater retirement income compared to most typical workplace retirement plans.

Lifetime Payments

Ensures members won’t outlive their savings.


Retirement planning that eliminates the guesswork and offers peace of mind.

Expert Support

Pension professionals that help make retirement goals a reality.


We operate in the best interest of our members, not shareholders.



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