What is the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan?

The Ideal Canadian Pension Plan (ICPP) is a Collective Defined Contribution Plan, designed to provide its members with a reliable lifetime pension. Through proper pooled investments and collective payout strategies, the ICPP is expected to generate substantially higher retirement income than traditional Defined Contribution (DC) pension plans.

In fact, the expense savings during the accumulation and payout phase, the collective payout strategies, and the collective risk management in this program should double a career employee’s actual lifetime retirement income for the same contributions.

The ICPP is the product of extensive research and years of experience within the Canadian pension industry. It has been created for private sector Canadian employees using the best ideas and practices from Canada and around the world.

Why Should I Join?

Canadian employees want peace of mind when it comes to their pensions and retirement. The ICPP delivers just that. Some key features of the plan include:

Reliable Payouts

Higher Expected Pension

Lifetime Coverage

No Retirement Planning Confusion

Efficient Service

Survivor Benefits for Beneficiaries

Conditional Inflation Protection Increases

Flexible Retirement Dates

To learn more about the ICPP, contact us. If your employer is already a Participating Employer with the ICPP, please contact your HR representative.