The Pension Plan the Canadian Private Sector Needs

The ICPP is a collective defined contribution pension plan that allows us to manage investments together and streamline administration, thereby reducing expenses and providing greater pensions to our members. The ICPP pension design and governance structure also essentially eliminates individual employer risks. The design provides for appropriate Member support during the Member’s entire lifetime.

By using the best elements of current Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans, the ICPP delivers an optimal pension plan for private sector employers and employees. Key features include:

Assets allocated to individual member accounts

All funds managed collectively using appropriate investment mandates

Single rules-based equity accumulation fund

Efficient management

Collective uninsured variable lifetime annuity supported by a single investment fund

Low expenses

The Future of the ICPP

The ICPP is committed to improving as pension legislation modernizes to reflect non-traditional pension plan designs. This includes payout strategies employing pooling of membership longevity risk and variable payout strategies. We will continue to work with regulators and law makers to make the ICPP a truly ideal Canadian pension plan.


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