The ICPP Management Board

The ICPP is governed by the ICPP Management Board. The Board is comprised of representatives of all major stakeholders of the ICPP, including plan members, plan retirees, participating employers, plan administrators, and investment managers.

The ICPP pension design and governance structure essentially eliminates individual employer risks. The ICPP Administrator provides support to all Members to allow them to participate fully in the ICPP.

Any Participating Employer may also ask the ICPP Administrator to provide additional retirement planning support to its covered employees and pay for those extra services directly, at its sole discretion. The Participating Employer can also pay for additional independent support for its employees from another third party.

Participating Employers will have representation on the ICPP Management Board, but no particular Participating Employer is obligated to participate. The Participating Employer may nominate a Management Board representative if they see fit to do so. The Participating Employer may vote for its Management Board representative.