Low Cost Retirement Investment Services

ICPP Funds Ltd. is the investment manager for the ICPP. ICPP Funds Ltd. was established in 2015 to provide the necessary investment support for the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan (ICPP). It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robertson, Eadie & Associates Ltd. (RE&A).

This investment management corporation provides low-cost retirement investment services through the ICPP Accumulation Fund and the ICPP Payout Fund. The Accumulation Fund assets are invested in large capitalized equities traded on North American stock exchanges to provide long-term rates of return benchmarked against the ICPP Total Index. The Payout Fund is designed to support the uninsured variable annuity offered to pensioners under the ICPP. The ICPP Annuity Preparation Fund invests in fixed income securities in such a way as to immunize a Member's expected purchase of an insured annuity on an approximate basis.