The Management Board of the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan (ICPP) is pleased to announce that it has selected Addenda Capital as its new investment management firm. Effective August 8, 2022, all assets within the ICPP’s pooled funds were successfully transferred to Addenda. This transition will effectively support the ICPP’s growth into the future as its membership expands.

Addenda will be delivering a similar solution to that employed by the previous investment manager, ICPP Funds Ltd. However, Addenda will provide its own expertise in the support and implementation of the ICPP’s equity and fixed income mandates. The firm’s breadth of practice, organizational depth, and succession planning will provide the necessary long-term support for the ICPP.

“Following an extensive review process, we chose Addenda Capital for its ability to best support our unique long-term, rule-based active investment management mandates while maintaining a low-fee solution,” explains ICPP Management Board Chair, Steve Eadie. “This exciting partnership will help the ICPP to continue providing reliable, lifetime pensions to employees in the Canadian private sector.”

The ICPP is a Collective Defined Contribution (DC) Plan. Through appropriate pooled investments and pooled collective payout strategies, the ICPP aims to generate substantially higher retirement income than traditional DC pension plans. The plan’s core investment philosophy is built upon the following ideas:

  • Canadian investments support Canadian retirements
  • Equities provide the best long-term returns
  • Fixed-income investments provide short-term risk control
  • Diversification promotes long-term investment success
  • Rules-based approaches provide the best outcomes
  • Professional managers provide prudent judgment
  • Low trading volume controls investment expense

“We are delighted to offer our investment management services to the ICPP. The Plan’s commitment to bettering the retirements of Canadian workers through an innovative, cooperative approach aligns well with Addenda’s sustainable, future-minded vision for investing,” says Roger Beauchemin, President and Chief Executive Office at Addenda Capital.

About Addenda Capital

With more than $34 billion in total assets (as at August 31, 2022), Addenda Capital is recognized as a leader in sustainable investing. From climate transition to impact investing to traditional strategies, our multi-asset solutions seek to provide enhanced returns for a clientele that is both institutional and private. At one point, we enriched our investment process by integrating analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Today, we are playing an active role in the shift toward a net-zero economy while staying true to our commitment: serving our clients and generating sustainable wealth for a better future. Visit us at, join us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter @Addendacapital.

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