Provide your employees with a lifetime of financial security.

Leave your workplace retirement plan to us.

The ICPP is a cost-effective, low-risk, hassle-free outsourced pension solution. We deliver a reliable lifetime pension to your employees so your organization can stay focused on the business at hand.


What is the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan (ICPP)?

The ICPP is thoughtfully designed to be an optimal pension solution for Canadian private sector employers and employees. It is a Multi-Employer, Collective Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Plan that delivers reliable lifetime retirement income to its members.

Why is the ICPP Ideal?

Compared to traditional pension arrangements, the ICPP can deliver significantly enhanced retirement security for members and a simpler, more cost-effective pension offering for employers. Companies that provide a robust retirement program are better able to attract and retain top talent and ensure employees retire on schedule.

Who can Participate?

The multi-employer, collective framework of the ICPP means almost any Canadian employer can join the plan. This cooperative approach allows investments to be pooled, administration to be harmonized, and fees to be kept low. As a result, members receive bigger payouts and participating employers enjoy significantly reduced risk and administrative burden.

Checking All the Boxes

The ICPP can offer more to employers and employees compared to traditional pension plans.

Retirement Plan Features ICPP (Collective DC) Defined Benefits (DB) Defined Contribution (DC)
Employer Advantages
No Balance Sheet Obligations
Predictable Monthly Cost
Minimal Fiduciary Risk
No Administrative Burden
Expert Governance
Employees Retire on Schedule
Member Advantages
Lifetime Payments
Support in Retirement
Flexible Payout Options
Worry-free, Automatic Investing
Easy Retirement Planning

How does it work?

It’s simple. The ICPP has been expertly designed to make having a
workplace pension plan as easy and risk-free as possible.

  1. Companies sign on to become Participating Employers in the ICPP. As part of the enrolment process, Participating Employers select a minimum Benefit Target and Contribution Level with the help of our experienced pension consultants.
  2. Our pension consultants complete the day-to-day administration of the plan, while an independent board of experts (ICPP Management Board) oversees plan governance.
  3. As a Participating Employer, your only ongoing responsibility is to remit contributions and provide up-to-date member data. We take care of the rest, including:
  • Plan Governance
  • Plan Administration
  • Management of Third Party Service Providers
  • Member Communication & Support
  • Investment Management
  • Regulatory & Legal Requirements

What if my company already has a workplace retirement plan?

Our pension experts make the transition to the ICPP as seamless as possible, with limited disruption to your employees or organization. We do not charge for the transition process. Switching to the ICPP can help greatly reduce costs and administrative burden. Even better, the ICPP can deliver a better pension to your employees for the same level of contributions. We offer flexible contribution arrangements to align with a Participating Employer’s total compensation philosophy and can accommodate any appropriate level of company required, company matching, employee required, employee optional, or employee discretionary contributions. Click the button below to request a free ICPP proposal.