We provide our members with peace of mind when it comes to their retirement.

Worry-free retirement planning.

When your company joins the ICPP, you become part of a collective of Canadian employees who enjoy easy retirement planning and a lifetime of financial security.

The ICPP is the product of extensive research and years of experience within the Canadian pension industry. It was created to directly address the shortcomings of a pension industry that hasn’t done enough to secure the financial wellbeing of Canada’s hardworking private sector employees.

Cooperative by design, the ICPP operates in the best interest of its Members with the single goal of optimizing their retirement income.

Why is the ICPP Ideal for its members?

Bigger payouts than most traditional workplace retirement arrangements.

The ICPP’s collective, multi-employer framework means many companies can participate together in the plan. This cooperative approach allows costs to be streamlined and assets to be pooled together. The result is significantly lower fees than traditional pension plans, with more money ending up directly in the hands of our members. Learn more about the ICPP’s innovative design.

A lifetime pension that ensures you won’t outlive your savings.

Most pensions or retirement arrangements offered by today’s private-sector employers do not provide lifelong financial security, with individual employees forced to go it alone in retirement and shoulder the burden of prudent planning and investing to ensure they have enough money to support themselves in old age. The ICPP is different. Our members enjoy reliable lifetime payments and continued expert support that takes the guesswork out of retiring.

Efficient expert support while you’re working and during retirement.

Members of the ICPP can count on professional support from our Canadian pension experts. Not only are Members provided with frequent communications designed to help them meet their retirement targets, but they can reach out to Member Support anytime if they have questions or concerns. Even after a member of the ICPP retires, they continue to receive ongoing support and communication. Learn more about member support.

Professional investment management that takes the guesswork out of financial planning.

Contributions made to the ICPP are invested professionally with appropriately designed strategies. Individual members do not have to bear the burden of investing wisely. Instead, a collective investment management approach supports better payouts for all members. Learn more about how we invest.

How does it work?

A reliable lifetime pension in few simple steps:

  • Your employer will select your minimum Benefit Target and Contribution Level. You may then choose to save for additional benefits by increasing your contribution levels based on your personal retirement goals.
  • You will receive regular communications from our pension experts to help you stay on track to achieve your targets and retire on schedule. All members of the ICPP have access to an online portal where they can find their latest personal pension statements, as well as important plan documents and forms.
  • Once you retire, you will receive regular monthly payouts for your entire lifetime. You will also receive any additional income you have saved for through the ICPP’s various flexible Benefit Target options.
  • Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us today to learn more. Our dedicated member support team is here to help.

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