Efficient professional support from our team of pension experts.

Support for Members


While You’re Working

The ICPP is designed to be simple and worry-free for members. While a Member is working, they receive regular, easy-to-understand communications to ensure they are on track to fund their Benefit Target(s) and retire on schedule. Members are also welcome to contact our dedicated support team at anytime if they have questions or concerns. Our pension experts are happy to provide timely assistance so Members feel confident about their retirement planning.

During Retirement

Members of the ICPP may remain in the plan even after retirement. This is different from typical Defined Contribution plans where members must “go it alone” after they retire. Retired ICPP members receive continued professional advice about withdrawal levels to ensure they have adequate income for their entire lifetime. They also continue to reap the benefits of pooled investments and low fees.

Support for Employers

What We Do

  • Plan Governance
  • Plan Administration
  • Investment Management
  • Member Communications
  • Member Support Services
  • Recordkeeping Services

Who We Are

Participating Employers of the ICPP enjoy an outsourced pension solution they can trust. The ICPP is sponsored and administered by a not-for-profit Management Board comprised of Canadian pension experts who oversee governance, administration and third-party suppliers. This governance structure substantially reduces fiduciary risks for individual Participating Employers.

The ICPP Management Board has selected Robertson, Eadie & Associates (RE&A) as a Third Party Administrator for the ICPP to provide recordkeeping services and efficient member support/communication. RE&A is a pension consulting firm that has been delivering cost-effective, high-quality consulting, actuarial and administrative services to Canadian companies for 30 years.

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