The ICPP Management Board is pleased to announce that Ontario company Turner & Porter Funeral Directors has signed on as a Participating Employer in the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan. The ICPP is a Multi-Employer, Collective Defined Contribution Pension Plan that delivers reliable lifetime retirement income to its members. This innovative framework also ensures Participating Employers enjoy significantly reduced risk and administrative burden than typically associated with offering a pension plan.

Turner & Porter operates funeral homes in West Toronto and in Mississauga. Turner & Porter celebrates 150 years of service. Their simple philosophy of dignified service and giving people what they want has made them trusted by more families than any other funeral home in the area.

A family business at its core, Turner & Porter has long recognized the value in providing its employees with a quality pension plan. Joining the ICPP is part of a strategic modernization of Turner & Porter’s retirement program. The ICPP will help Turner & Porter to continue its tradition of assisting its employees in achieving their retirement goals.

“We are very happy to welcome Turner & Porter to the ICPP,” says ICPP Management Board Chair, Steve Eadie. “The plan was designed for mid-sized companies like Turner & Porter who want to offer a great pension to their employees but may find it challenging and costly to manage a plan in-house. We look forward to providing Turner & Porter participants with the peace of mind they deserve.”

Any Canadian company can join the ICPP. The ICPP is thoughtfully designed to be better than typical workplace retirement plans offered in the Canadian private sector. This includes a simple, cost-effective, low risk arrangement for employers. Meanwhile, members can expect bigger payouts, for a lifetime.

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